Road Safety Education

Drink and Drug driving Education

Since September 2017 we have launched our Drink and Drug Driving Campaign in conjunction with West Midlands Fire Service and IAMROADSMART to promote safe driving and educate the youth in the West Midlands on the dangers as well as the consequences of Drink and Drug Driving and the effects it can have on not only yourself but those around you.

On the day we carry out a number of both informative and interactive activities for those to enjoy. Firstly SmartLearner carries out a presentation outlining the effects of drink driving and what the exact consequences are before then carrying out an interactive activity using Beer Goggles and VR headsets (Virtual Reality Technology) to give you a feel of how poor your sight and judgement can be when under the influence. The VRs are provided by both ourselves and West Midlands Fire service and both playing the same hard hitting clip of you from the perspective of a passenger in a car being driven by a distracted driver! The clip being shown is the double award winning Leicestershire Crash Car. After this section a young driving ambassador from road charity IAMROADSMART will go through the theory of units and the legal limits. As well as show how easy it can be to drink drive without being aware!

We have attended several venues so far including Foxford School and Community Arts College, Whitley Academy, WMG Solihull and Sindey Stringer Academy.



Also we have had very positive feedback, with Ms Hemaxi, Head of Sixth Form at Foxford School and Community Arts College saying ‘Yes, it was a great experience and all the students were engaged and they used the VR technology and Beer goggles to experience a crash and what it would be like to drive drunk! SmartLearner, who hosted the event were very organised and gave a great overall explanation about the importance of safe driving. Need them every year to really educate them’ in a letter of recommendation.