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reas I Cover: Solihull, South Birmingham and Surrounding Areas

Hi there, my name is Amar. I am a fully qualified instructor teaching student how to pass their automatic driving test. I speak a couple different languages so I am able to help as many people as possible pass their test regardless of any language barriers they may have. I am a Coventry based instructor and I work part time school hours for ladies who have to worry about childcare or even difficult work shifts. I have taught students of all ages and I am qualified to take brand new beginners as well as those who just need some refresher lessons before/after their test. I also cover pass plus too for students looking to lower insurance costs and gain some more experience after passing their practical driving test (6 hour course) I made the choice a few years ago to become a female only instructor as I noticed a shocking ratio between the number of male instructors to the number of female instructors. Some ladies may require a female instructor for personal preference or maybe for various religious reasons. I decided I wanted to become a driving instructor when I was in my late teens as I noticed there has been a stigma behind female drives, I wanted to prove to everyone that it wasn’t fact and that anyone can drive it just takes a good and friendly instructor to take you on that journey and get you there. Driving isn’t the easiest process, it takes time and dedication to complete the course but once you have passed- I think it is such a rewarding life skill. Imagine being able to go wherever you want whenever you want? It allows so much freedom you probably have never had as you have been held back by delayed buses and long train journeys.



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