Driving Instructor Training Cost

Are you ready to take on the challenge? 

Our mission is to guide you in your journey to become a driving instructor. We will teach you at a pace that you are comfortable with and ensure that you become a DVSA Approved Driving Instructor. Do you possess the characteristics below?

  • >> Do you enjoy teaching others, is patient and calm?.
  • >> Are you organized, discipined and proffesional?.
  • >> Do you want to become your own boss?.
  • >> Willing to work harder to ensure the success of your business?

The cost of training to become an instructor with SmartLearner

Our approved driving instructor training course in total costs only £1795, including the three single test fees, full support and a unique training package made just for you!

You can also pay for this course with the following options:

Driving Instructor Training Cost

Complete Course

£ 1795

Complete Driver Instructor Training

One Time Payment

*1st Test fee included

Pay Monthly

£ 199.99 x 10

Complete Driver Instructor Training

Pay a Monthly Fee

*1st Test fee included

Pay As You Go

£ 30.00

Pay a hourly fee

*Test fees not included

ADI Part 1 - Modular Training

£ 199.99

Modular Package -Part 1"

Part 1 Driver Instructor Training Module*

One Time Payment*

*Test fees not included

ADI Part 2 - Modular Training

£ 299.99

Modular Package -Part 2"

Part 2 Driver Instructor Qualification*

One Time Payment*

*Test fees not included

ADI Part 3 - Modular Training

£ 1349.99

Instructor Training Modular Package -Part 3"

Part 3 Instructional Ability*

One Time Payment*

*Test fees not included

Driving Instructor Training Cost

Of course, you will be looking to find the best school, best trainer and the most cost effective prices for you to start your journey.

Our school compared to schools such as red, Bsm/AA and LDC, we can promise you high standards, excellent service and worth for your money.

Driving Instructor Training Cost

With most companies, you find those with the highest prices do not only cover your training, the cover the company's marketing, business funding and office facilities; meaning you are not receiving the full worth for your money.

Why would you pay for their advertising costs? Why would you pay for their staff and offices? And why would you pay for their company to run and thrive if you may not even join them and their team?

We can promise that your payment is strictly used for your training and to provide you with the best resources.

How should you train?

If you ask any of our instructors, that have been trained from a different company (and usually “Big” Companies) They often talk about how they felt cheated and let down by the service they were provided compared to the promises and deals they were initially sold.

We have over 10 instructors working within our Brand, who have trained with our Company, and they were all happy with their training processes, their support levels and resources around us.

Don’t believe us? Here are a few quotes from some of our previous trainee instructors.

“I contacted SmartLearner with absolutely no clue on how the training worked and what I needed to do to start my new career. The standard nine till five job never worked for me and I wanted to learn and work at my on pace. With SmartLearner, they adapted around me and helped me start a career that I enjoy. I could not have wished for a better service or company to invest money within and now work for.” – Mr Jackson.

“I was with a previous company before SmartLearner, without naming any names- I was absolutely appalled and disgusted with the service I received. My trainer was rude and would not help to work around both of our schedules. If I was not able to do a lesson, he would not allocate me to a new slot. I would not even receive a phone call from him, I spent more time chasing him than training. Then getting my money back which I had paid in full, was a completely different nightmare. I found SmartLearner after this and was wary of spending the money again in case I was Scammed as I were before. They allowed me to do a pay as you go payment plan which reassured me, but once I had started the training I would have been more than happy to pay the full amount. The training and support I received was incredible compared to the first company I came with. I love my job, I love my training sessions and I love the company. As an instructor, I would hope that I can grow and thrive alongside the Smart Learner Brand and Members. – Ms Plunkett.

As you can see, those who have trained with us have been more than happy with the service, and if you’re not; We will give you your money back guarantee.

All trainee instructors have lesson plans moulded and tailored specifically to them with a designated trainer who will support you throughout the entire course.

ADI Training Online

  • Qualify as a Driving Instructor with SmartLearner Driving School or your MONEY BACK GUARANTEED
  • Get a vocation that offers job satisfaction with guaranteed earnings of upto £30,000 in your first year or your money back
  • Train with the best instructors because we believe you deserve the best. Become a qualified driving instructor without it costing you thousands of pounds.

Driving Instructor Training Cost


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Driving Instructor Training Cost

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