Driving Instructor Testimonials

Mr Qumar

I contacted SmartLearner with absolutely no idea how anything worked, I thought I had to prove I can drive and do a few lessons and I would be good to go. Previously, I had been working the standard nine till five job and it just never worked for me and I wanted to learn and work at my own pace. I hated dragging myself out of bed at 6:00am every morning to get up and ready for work in a suit and tie. Now, I have time to get out of bed, have breakfast get ready and wear casual and comfortable uniform throughout the day. I have never had so much free time even though I am working a full-time contract mainly because I choose my working hours wisely. The process was quick, and I was soon started on my Part 1, after a couple of weeks I was working on my part 2. It wasn’t long after that I was training for my part 3 and teaching some of my own learners how to drive too. I thankfully passed my part 3 test much sooner than I had expecting with SmartLearner, they adapted around me and helped me start a career that I enjoy. I could not have wished for a better service or company to invest money within and now work for.

Ms Plunkett

I was with a previous company before SmartLearner, without naming any names- I was absolutely appalled and disgusted with the service I received. My trainer was rude and would not help to work around both of our schedules. If I was not able to do a lesson, he would not allocate me to a new slot. I would not even receive a phone call from him, I spent more time chasing him than training. Then getting my money back which I had paid in full, was a completely different nightmare. I found SmartLearner after this and was wary of spending the money again in case I was Scammed as I were before. They allowed me to do a pay as you go payment plan which reassured me, but once I had started the training I would have been more than happy to pay the full amount. My trainer made sure he had the time to fit me in and even worked over his hours if he had not seen me for at least 2 hours. We had lengthy discussions of where I was with my training and where I needed to be at in relation to when my test was booked for. The company provided me with physical and digital copies of different training materials to find what suited me best and arranged for me to sit in on different instructor’s lessons whilst I was training to incorporate me into the team, boost my knowledge and begin to understand the routes instructors find best to take their learners depending on their level of knowledge at that point The training and support I received was incredible compared to the first company I came with. I love my job, I love my training sessions and I love the company. As an instructor, I would hope that I can grow and thrive alongside the Smart Learner Brand and Members.

Ms Ashtar

My partner initially contacted Smartlearner and began training for his new start and new career. I always asked him when he worked over the hours he was contracted for “Aren’t you tired?” and his answer would always be the same about how it doesn’t feel as if he is working so he doesn’t feel exhausted like he used to when he came home late. After about 6 months of him raving and applauding the company he booked me in to visit some of the team and discuss the training packages. They explained all of the packages to me and I initially thought it was too good to be true, but they really are as good as they say. They incorporated my partner into it so that I could spend time comfortably gaining experience from him as well as having professional training sessions with my trainer. The company has always had a warm and friendly feel to it with a good bond between the instructors, yet they remain professional all the same. The team aren’t just work colleagues, they become your friends who shared their stories, experiences, and knowledge with me which helped me throughout all my training. I am very grateful for the company for the opportunities, support and kindness they have shown and given myself and my partner. I see potential for us here as well as all the other instructors who I trained alongside, or worked with to be where I am.

Ms Forough

I found out about SmartLearner through word of mouth really after expressing my thought of possibly making a move into a driving instructor job to work to share my knowledge with others and have the capability to work the hours suitable for myself. My training with SmartLearner went smoothly, making quick progress and learning an awful lot on conducting a lesson in the correct manor. SmartLearner were always so organised and the communication above anything was outstanding with there being a constant line of updates when it came to booking my tests and so forth. I would 100% advise anyone looking for a career change to consider becoming a driving instructor and if you wanted to peruse that definitely consider coming to SmartLearner, as I can’t fault them whatsoever.

Mr Badri

I got in touch with SmartLearner as I craved a career change which was very much needed after my unhappiness escalated in my previous job role. I love the fact that now I can work around times that are convenient for myself and the pupil instead of a standard 9-5pm office grind job. I have really enjoyed and found my training with SmartLearner incredibly effective and I feel I made lots of progress over the training period. SmartLearner were so patient with me in the beginning as I found it hard to pick up on certain things that they were asking for however with time, I fully understood their constructive feedback which is exactly what I needed to be pushed to succeed and improve my ability. Looking back on my training period I can truly say I would recommend SmartLearner to any driving instructors looking for training and I would also like to say a big thank you to SmartLearner and their team for the support that they have showed me in recent times!

Driving Instructor Testimonials

Complete Course

£ 1795

Complete Driver Instructor Training

One Time Payment

*1st Test fee included

Pay Monthly

£ 199.99 x 10

Complete Driver Instructor Training

Pay a Monthly Fee

*1st Test fee included

Pay As You Go

£ 30.00

Pay a hourly fee

*Test fees not included

ADI Part 1 - Modular Training

£ 199.99

Modular Package -Part 1"

Part 1 Driver Instructor Training Module*

One Time Payment*

*Test fees not included

ADI Part 2 - Modular Training

£ 299.99

Modular Package -Part 2"

Part 2 Driver Instructor Qualification*

One Time Payment*

*Test fees not included

ADI Part 3 - Modular Training

£ 1349.99

Instructor Training Modular Package -Part 3"

Part 3 Instructional Ability*

One Time Payment*

*Test fees not included

Driving Instructor Testimonials


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Driving Instructor Testimonials

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