Become a Driving Instructor

How to Become a Driving Instructor

To be able to teach driving and become an approved driving instructor, you will need to take a three part training session.

ADI Part One - Theory Training and Hazard Perception for ADI's

The Phase 1 to becoming a Driving Instructor covers theory and hazard perception training.

We have designed a thorough program that will aid you to work through all the relevant learning material at your own pace. Extensive training is given in house and online in order to maximise your knowledge which therefore ensures you are ready for the test, as well as improve any areas we feel that requires additional mentoring.

The test consist of 4 way multiple choice test, you need to get 85% to pass. Phase 1 of the ADI tests your knowledge of driving theory, rules and regulations and driver training and hazard perception test. By using our professionally designed ADI training course, you can be sure you have all the topics covered and build your skills through a stable foundation.

ADI Part Two - ADI's Driving Ability

With the theory and hazard perception knowledge from the Phase 1 of your ADI Training completed, you will now put it into action during the in-car training sessions of Phase 2 of your ADI Training.

The phase 2 of the ADI training focuses on your driving ability. Our team of expert instructors will guide you over a series of practical driving sessions custom tailored to meet and exceed the standard set by the DVSA. Towards the completion of your phase 2 training sessions, we will arrange your ADI Part 3 training program.

Earning whilst learning

After completing the phase two of your ADI training and passing the qualifying examination - the driving ability assessment, you can apply for a trainee licence (PDI or The Pink Badge) to help you prepare for the Phase 3 of the ADI Training. By having a trainee licence, you can give driving instruction with pay, but you the licence only be valid for six months and should not be an alternative to being a full pledge ADI. Additionally, to qualify; you must complete 40 hours of the Phase 3 training

ADI Part Three - ADI's Driving Ability

Phase 3 of the ADI Training involves both theory training and practical work, which will aid you in developing your teaching ability in general. You will undergo multiple training sessions from our trainers. In order to fine tune your knowledge and understanding in driving and teaching you will need to participate in a series of coaching ranging from realistic role play to road safety awareness.

Following the Phase 2 ADI training, we will provide you with the necessary 40 hours of training to entitle you to apply to the DVSA for a pink badge. You will have the choice to apply for a trainee licence if you want or continue straight through to your Phase 3 test. Our training officers will aid you in choosing which option suits you best.

Passing the Phase 3 of the ADI Training test will automatically elevate you to an ADI status – a fully Approved Driving Instructor! All your hard work, perseverance and commitment have paid off and you can proudly say you have completed a life changing journey.

ADI Training Online

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